The Online Edition

President’s Letter – Winter 2021-2022

Welcome Back

President Greg Cant

I am pleased to share with you the winter 2021-2022 edition of Wilkes magazine, my first as president of Wilkes University. Much has happened since our last issue and the pandemic continues to create uncertainty. Above all else, we hope that you and your families are remaining healthy and safe.

On the following pages, you will see that Wilkes has slowly and safely reintroduced some normalcy to our campus. I was honored to be formally installed as Wilkes president on Oct. 1. An inauguration ceremony is much less about any one individual and much more about celebrating the greater Wilkes community. It is setting a vision for the future and reinforcing our commitment to those we ultimately serve—our students. It was a moment of pride for our University and a humbling one for me personally. Thank you to all who shared in this event and sent well wishes.

We also held our first in-person Homecoming Weekend since 2019. Everyone on campus worked tirelessly to host safe, outdoor experiences. The photos on the following pages show that the weather was certainly in our favor. After a year in which many events were canceled or held online, we have an incredible lecture series this year. In April, Wilkes will welcome presidential historian and author Jon Meacham as part of the 40th anniversary of the Max Rosenn Lecture Series in Law and Humanities. Two days later, Wilkes hosts the one and only Margaret Atwood. The author of more than 50 novels, including The Handmaid’s Tale, will speak as part of the spring Allan Hamilton Dickson Writers Series. Learn more at wilkes.edu/lectureseries.

Finally, we want to thank you for your patience as you awaited the next issue of Wilkes magazine. For nearly two years, university personnel have been united in our mission to create a safe environment, focusing on the most pressing priorities. Though the pandemic continues to remind us of the importance of those we hold dear, it is lovely to resume many of our typical activities. It also gave us an opportunity to reflect.

The format and frequency of Wilkes magazine will likely change moving forward. But our commitment to you, our valued alumni and friends, has never been stronger. Thank you for all the ways you supported us during these challenging times. Your kind and generous spirit continues to transform the lives of our students. We are forever grateful. And we are Forever Colonel.

Greg Cant