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Alumni Association Welcomes New Board Members

The Alumni Association Board of Directors welcomed six new directors elected to the board during the March 2018 meeting. They began their three-year terms in June.

The six new directors talk about their favorite thing about their experience attending Wilkes and about what they like about being involved as alumni.

Rich Albrecht ’05

rich albrect

Occupation: Assistant Director, Institute on Protective Services at Temple University

My favorite thing about my Wilkes experience was the “Wilkes experience.” On the academic side, taking Dr. (Robert) Bohlander’s class, “Critical Thinking in Psychology,” probably had the largest impact on me, personally and professionally. The second thing that stuck out to me was the atmosphere created by the faculty and staff of the psychology department; it is second to none. I enjoyed the opportunities to travel with Dr. Bohlander and Dr. (Deborah) Tindell attending psychology conferences and getting to know them on a personal level. Dr. (Ed) Schicatano’s contagious passion for neuroscience was a blessing and I am thankful for all the hard work in getting the neuroscience program approved as a minor and, subsequently, as a major. As an alumni board member, I am excited for the additional opportunities to interact with current students and alumni. While I’ve been involved with the mentoring program since its infancy, I am looking forward to those interactions in a variety of differing formats.

Troy Carey ’16

troy carey

Occupation:  Information Security Analyst, NBT Bank

I came to Wilkes as a freshman in 2013. During my time there, I quickly learned what made this University so special. The faculty and staff are one of a kind. They care about the students and truly want to see them succeed. I had so many professors who I relied on, in and out of class, to make my experience that much more successful. They helped me fulfill goals I didn’t know I was capable of achieving. The alumni board gives former students a unique way to give back to future students, staff, and faculty at a university that’s already given us so much. My time at Wilkes played a huge role in making me the person I am today, and I want to provide that same opportunity for current and future students. It’s also fun to connect with other alumni who I might not otherwise communicate with. This is such an engaging community of people to be a part of, and one that allows me to be an even closer part of Wilkes University.

Neal McHugh ’86


Occupation: Manager of Environmental Affairs, Buckeye Partners

I transferred to Wilkes after attending a community college and expected to feel like an outsider, but that was not the case.  I quickly became part of the Wilkes family with the help of Deans George Ralston and Art Hoover, two men who mentored me during my time at Wilkes. I found that my professors would go the extra mile to help me be successful if I put in the work.  Through my participation in Air Force ROTC, the First Aid Team, Student Government and as a resident assistant, I learned many valuable life skills and made lifelong friends. I welcome the chance to become a bigger part of the Wilkes family.  I have been working with the mentoring program for a few years and joining the alumni board gives me a chance to become more of an advocate for Wilkes and assist in the achieving the goals of the Alumni Association and the University.  I think we can really expand alumni participation of the 1980s era alumni — my era —  so I plan to make that a focus while I am a member of the alumni board.

Donna Chisarick Michael ’78

donna michael.jpg

Occupation: Registered Nurse

I’ve always spoken highly of my time at Wilkes. Academically, I was prepared to head into my career as a nurse well prepared, to take on whatever job I chose and be successful. So many memories of studying in the library or drinking coffee in the commons added to the exceptional learning experience. I can never talk about my college experience without mentioning the friends I made and how we have a special bond and still remain friends. Returning for Homecoming is one of the highlights of every year for me. Social media has helped us stay close throughout the year, but the time we get to sit together and reminisce is so important to me. Living in Georgia, I sometimes feel so far away, but spending time with my Wilkes people brings me back to my roots! I always wanted to get involved with the University in some way and I am honored that I now have the chance through the Alumni Board. I’m hoping to contribute ideas to keep my fellow alumni interested in coming back to where it all started and celebrate the growth of our great University.

Michael Scott ’93

mike scott.jpg

Occupation: Proprietor, Nips Park Avenue Saloon

As I take the time to reflect on my educational experience at Wilkes, I am profoundly grateful for everything that I have been blessed with, personally as well as professionally.  When I chose Wilkes University, I had no way of knowing that I would be so truly fortunate to  have  forged the  lifelong friendships my time at the University has provided me.  My time at Wilkes prepared me to take on many different and challenging opportunities throughout my professional career. It is with great pride that I have introduced several student athletes to Wilkes, and I’ve enjoyed watching them evolve into outstanding young men and great representatives of the University. I am proud that I am able serve the University that has blessed me with so much.

Lisa Shafer ’01


Occupation: Senior Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement, Swarthmore College

My appreciation for Wilkes has grown over time.  My career in higher education advancement has allowed me to reflect, observe, and truly see the real value in Wilkes as an institution, not just for its students,  but also for the region. I look forward to the University continuing to find ways for it to expand its reach, since it has so much to bring to the table. I am excited and honored to join the Alumni Association Board of Directors, because I see this as another opportunity for me to reconnect with Wilkes — learning from it yet again and hopefully contributing more to it this time around.

Meet the 2018 Alumni Association Scholarship Recipient Hunnter Maxwell


Hunter Maxwell, second from left, is pictured at the White Coat Ceremony in the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy with his siblings and parents, Scott ’94, right, and Donna Dicton Maxwell ’93.

Hunnter Maxwell PharmD ’22 was awarded the Alumni Association Scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year. Both of Hunnter’s parents, Scott ’94 and Donna Dicton Maxwell ’93, are Wilkes alumni. Hunnter, a pharmacy student, is a student-athlete on the men’s soccer team and is involved in the pre-pharmacy club. Learn more about our recipient by visiting: www.wilkes.edu/HunnterMaxwell