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Campus Life Captured on Social Media for 24 Hours at Wilkes


In the Ballroom of the Henry Student Center, students gather to play bingo – a prelude to Casino Night, one of the year’s biggest campus events taking place the next day. Upstairs at Henry’s Food Court, others grab food at Late Night, so named in students’ unique shorthand to refer to the time from 7:30 to 11 p.m. when they can get a snack to fuel a midnight study session.

Crossing West South Street in front of the student center, a pair of students enters the Fenner Quadrangle. Crossing in front of the John Wilkes statue, one of them turns, raises her phone and snaps a picture of the statue silhouetted against the night sky. Over its shoulder, the brightly lit student center sends out welcoming light through the eyes of all of its windows. The picture becomes one of dozens that students, faculty and staff snap in a 24-hour period and post to social media, capturing campus life.

In the digital age, the story of life at Wilkes University plays out online over and over again every 24 hours. This spring, Wilkes magazine invited the campus community to share their images from 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 14 until 8 p.m. on Friday, March 15. Using the hashtag #24atWilkes as they posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the University community’s photos caught impressions of campus life, from a coffee at Starbucks to baseball practice. Some used it to record their day, hour by hour. Others composed images to reflect on what Wilkes means to them.

On these pages, Wilkes magazine shares a sampling of the photos posted to social media during 24 hours at Wilkes.

Top row, from left: Communication studies and sports management major Luke Modrovsky, editor-in-chief of  The Beacon, shares part of his day through an Instagram story. The clock read 10:02 p.m. when criminology major Lindsay Becker snapped this photo of John Wilkes on her walk back to her residence hall following Late Night. Communication studies major Caroline Rickard caught middle level education majors Kyleigh Smeltzer, left, and Kierstin Parricelli, show their BINGO cards during a Casino Week event. Ryan Balliet, a sports management and marketing major, Keeps it Locked at WCLH 90.7 radio.

Second row, from left: Communications officer Zach Patterson answering calls for service on the 3-11 p.m. shift in Public Safety.

The clock on the Campus Gateway strikes midnight captured by student photographer Seth Platukis.

Top left: A group of students takes full advantage of the new study spaces inside the Mark Engineering Center.

Top right: Engineering majors Kyle Rosler, left and Dayton Benjamin crunch numbers in the basement of the Farley Library.

Bottom left: Environmental engineering major Khrista Baran posted this Facebook photo saying she finds balance at Wilkes.

Bottom right: Joshua Bradley, political science and international studies major, shares the view from his balcony in Towers.

Top row, from left: Sophomore catcher and financial investments major Nicholas Malatesta smiles for the camera as he prepares for a game on the Colonels baseball team. Number 24, senior second baseman and accounting major Jack Fischer, is at bat. Baseball photos were shared by communication studies student Kirsten Peters. Communication Studies major Caroline Rickard has a swinging time on a hammock outside of Capin Hall.

Above, bottom left: Student pharmacist Katelyn Jimison snaps a picture of her lunch and laptop while completing school work looking out on the Fenner Quadrangle. Above, bottom right: Biology Professor Ken Klemow shared his view of students in his Biology 122 class Stark Learning Center, room 101.

Top row, from left: Biology Professor Ken Klemow shared his view of students in his Biology 122 class Stark Learning Center, room 101. Center: Student pharmacist Patrick Speakman leads a campus tour. Top right: The moon shines over campus during the overnight shift with this photo by facilities night supervisor Jim Gabriele.

Bottom row, left: Electrical engineering major Kris Smetana sets up labs in the Mark Engineering Center. Right: Wilkes Adventure Education students Seth Hanchett, top row left, and Teddy Marines, top row right, highlight teamwork and fun with local Girl Scouts in Troop 30304. Student Allie Gundlah is second from right in the first row.

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