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Business Buzz Professional Prognostications

Alumni and Faculty Predict Future Trends In Their Fields

By Helen Kaiser

Ask 10 business experts to predict the future of their industries – and get 10 different answers.

Ask Justin Matus, assistant professor and director of the MBA program in the Sidhu School of Business and Leadership, and he boils it down to one point.

“We always have winners and losers in business,” Matus says. “The winners are the ones who find the way to match their strengths to the demands of the market place. This fundamental will not change.”

Even as the fundamentals of business success remain constant, the means to achieve it continue to evolve. As the Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership marks its tenth anniversary, Wilkes magazine takes this opportunity to reach out to business faculty and successful business alumni. We asked them what changes we can expect to see in their fields over the next decade.

Their insights echoed certain themes—including the continued globalization of business, rapid increases in technology and the development of products and services individually tailored to the consumer-driven market. The experts also anticipate there will be a critical need for workers to become lifelong learners and to develop skills to become sensitive leaders.

Here are their insights: Continue reading

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Passport to Experience

Wilkes Alumni Teach At International School In Malaysia

By Geoff Gehman

Nick Barno '13 calls on a student in his classroom at Sri Utama School in Johor Bahrun, Malaysia. PHOTO COURTESY NICK BARNO

Nick Barno ’13 calls on a student in his classroom at Sri Utama School in Johor Bahrun, Malaysia.

The Chinese boy was overwhelmed at his new school in his new country of Malaysia. His screaming disturbed his teacher, Rebecca Gallaher ’12, who was already dealing with four Korean students with no English skills and others with suspected learning disabilities.

Gallaher’s gut instinct told her that he would improve with more personal attention. She enlisted an unlikely classroom ally: the boy’s nanny. The nanny made sure he followed lessons properly and promptly. She admonished him to improve his awful handwriting. She even took notes so he wouldn’t have to decipher his own notes at home.

The nanny experiment exceeded expectations. Daniel became a fine student, one of the best fourth-grade scientists. Gallaher predicts her “super adorable” pupil will prosper in fifth grade, where he’ll be taught by Kaitlyn McGurk ’12, her partner in a program that has sent Wilkes undergraduates to student teach at Sri Utama International School in Kuala Lumpur. McGurk, Gallaher and Nick Barno ’13 are the first Wilkes alumni to return to teach full time in Malaysia after student teaching there. Continue reading

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Paradise Found

Jason Evans '00 dons attire that reflects the laid-back nature of doing business on the island of Maui, Hawaii. PHOTOS BY ANTHONY MARTINEZ

Jason Evans ’00 dons attire that reflects the laid-back nature of doing business on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Jason Evans ’00 Builds Video Business On Maui 

By Bill Thomas ’13

Moving to Maui might just be the best decision Jason Evans ’00 ever made.

It might also be his most spontaneous.

“My dad did a lot of traveling for work, so I was able to go to Hawaii a few times when I was younger, at about 13 or 14. Then I went there again when I was about 24, around 2005. I remember I was telling the people I was with how I always wanted to live there. I love the water, I love the weather and the food, I love scuba diving, wakeboarding and surfing – but there was no TV in Hawaii that I could be involved in,” Evans recalls.

At the time, the communication studies major was working as a producer for Philadelphia-based Banyan Productions, on the top-rated TLC show “Trading Spaces.”

“When we got back to the hotel, The Maui Visitor Channel was on. I joked that I could work for those guys. On a whim, I cold-called them to see how often their turnover was and it turned out they were looking for a producer right then and there.” Continue reading

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Hunting for Success


Nate Hosie ’08 Is A World-Class Hunter and A Would-Be Musician


Nate Hosie ’08 is a world-class hunter and aspiring musician.

By Gary Robert Blockus ‘79

Country music superstars like Luke Bryan and Travis Tritt call him “The Turkey Slayer.”

It’s a nickname friends – famous and not-so-famous – have given Nate Hosie, 2008 Wilkes graduate, budding Nashville recording artist, and one of the hosts of the “Headhunters TV” hunting show on the Outdoor Channel.

Hosie is a Montdale, Lackawanna County native and resident, born and bred in the outdoors world of hunting and fishing in northeastern Pennsylvania. An All-State cornerback for Lakeland High School in 2003, he enrolled at Wilkes to major in elementary education and play football for the Colonels.

Hosie had a decent freshman year under Coach Frank Sheptock, but three days into his first winter break, his life changed dramatically.

“My buddy got into an accident and wrecked his truck when we were going deer hunting, and I broke my neck,” he says. “The doctors told me I’d never be able to play football again.” Continue reading


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